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Many spend years learning how to utilize affiliate tools, I am one, and it seems just as you have it all figured out, some one goes and changes things. These changes are not always better, just another way some one else can make money off of you. Not just once, but many times over. If you do it the way that they say it will make you successful, you pay more than just one person to do things like run a funnel, advertise and market for you. You must pay other people for traffic, contacts and basic information.

There are many things you can do for yourself, create a blog, build a website, try to gain a good ranking  and find some one to get advise from, but like everyone else out there we want to make our buck the main objective is to keep that buck moving around where everyone gets to make their buck as well.
Too many people have become greedy, they want it all for themselves and do not care if any one else makes their dollar bill. Well, I want you to make your dollar, for when you make your dollar I get a percentage sent to me from the company and I get to make my dollar, so your success is very important to me.

I must give you fair warning, there are many out there that will say they do it better than you, and maybe they do for a little while, but you will find a way that works for you and once you do make that first dollar, the first million is just around the corner.

I will provide you with the information you need to get off to a very good start from beginners to super affiliates, all I ask as I give you the information that will help you advance, is to use my links, these links are attached to cookies that allow me to get paid, so we as two people can help each other make that dollar and then the affiliate world can go round and around.. For both of us....





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I am an artist, I have been marketing my own products for a long time, I enjoy talking with people in person and virtually, I love what I do, if you do not believe that you can not deal with lengthy phone calls with someone that my be very confused an have the patience to manage your attitude while doing this, I advise you find some other direction of how you wish to make your money.
Now there are ways to attempt the affiliate life you wish to grasp, such as just utilizing your links and leave no contact information at all leaving people working with a ghost, someone that has no interest in there success, thus leaving them missing important information that will help them move forward, and in return not making any money for you or themselves. If you were to chose to do it this way, you may get lucky on occasion, but if you are not involved with your connections with real emails, phone calls, video calls, text messages, that is a choice you must make for yourself. I do have marketing programs that will give you your spammy emails that you can send to the contacts that you will most likely pay for, because you do not create your own contacts with true, trusting relationships....

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