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Good morning Flaggler Beach, it has been a blessing to meet the wonderful, fun generous people that live and visit this fantastic place. My goals are are within reach and the world is a brighter place. I am moving forward with plans to gather donations for the local turtle habitats with proceeds created by my glass turtle sales. I have appointed a donation director and have definite plans to become a permanent resident. Life is better at the beach.

I have positive goals to recreate my connection and partnership with Jimmy Buffett, bringing the music and the Caribbean cruise line back to my pages. Cheers to a new approach and a stronger partnership.

 My art is growing in this beautiful little town, my glass pendants will be recreated and my love for my art is growing even more every day. I will be calling out to other artists in the area to join me here and share the creations that are inspired by the sea. GOD BLESS

The Golden Lion Cafe has a fantastic happy hour



Mr Jimmy Buffett

you will be missed

and living on through your music in many hearts, we all love you always and forever!       




  had a very successful firing 












Thank you to Reno and Las Vegas for the strong connection to my art



















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