I began my journey within the affiliate marketing game in the year of 2004, the same year I purchased,

 My site looked spammy, flashy and gawdy, but that is how we did it back then, banners that flashed and linked to websites that were even more gaudy and spammy than the last. PPC was the big thing, and we would all run around and click on everything, it was fun, total Cayous, absolutely no order. 

               We started our own chat bots and had silly things like watch dog, it would literally bark like a dobby when 

   any one approach the camera kicking off the motion Sencer. It was fun, we did not take it so seriously, we would gather in rooms that were open to pretty much anyone who wanted to be there, more than once I would be in a chat room with Bill Gates, all flashy looking like the big dog he is, and proud of it.

   most of us never even picked up a check and honestly did not care till it was time to pay for the dyno dial up, oh and tech support, forget about it, standing at the wall mounted phone, writing everything down, not understanding a word these people were trying to tell us. Then run back to the computer, wait for the modem to connect you, wait for all of the flashy lights to come one and then try to make since of the mess that was on that piece of paper, I did not know much HTML back then, but you could not stay in the game without at least some knowledge. That old bulky desktop was my best friend, it played my music, connected me to my friends from all over the world, London, we loved talking to London, we all wanted to meet up some day and just have a party. The internet was small, blue pages everywhere, we would laugh at how we would actually reach the end of the internet, while developers were all pretty much doing the same thing we were, it was fun. It was exciting!

  I believe my very first blog was done on a windows POS, if you know what I mean, 95, big heavy a true eyesore, and the only way to blog was HTML, so I did learn some, I was so happy when they came out with the "user friendly" software oh, the colors and we would play with the graphics, dragons that would breathe fire at the top of the page, so amazing! We had no idea how good we had it, we truly enjoyed staying up all night running around, clicking on everything, pop up that little fun window that the made the camera come to life and just talk to whoever we wanted to, no fear, nothing too weird.  

 boy did things change, rules, regulations, some really bad people out there with bad intentions, the World Wide Web had an agenda, if you were on your computer all Nite there was suspicion, the questions... What do you do on that thing all night? By 2008 there was so much to read, the music was awesome, true entertainment. And when you live right downtown on Fremont St. in Vegas, that is saying something.

            Now, it's all business, one mistake and you don't get paid and these days, we need to be paid! working for free, going blind looking at this damn screen, will not work anymore, we want to pick up our checks! So here I am reaching out to try and have a little fun, get creative, but I am going to truly be honest with you the day I finally get my first check, I am sure I will cry. There will be emotion, and I am not here on the antique website plucking away to just make a dime, I want to see a check big enough that will make up for all those hours being a creator, the one that learned where to put that blog, what to call it and drive loads of traffic to this dinosaur of a website,  one night a congratulations from google on my ancient domain, it just came flying up from my web browser and it hit me, I am one of the few, Yeah, I am an OG! Dowgs! And I want to know what it is like to get that first check.

Now don't mess with this old girl, I am looking for real people that will help me get to my goal, I have been at this too long to play with nickels and dimes, I have been promised to see that big check before, just to have people take over my site mess with  my head, lock me out, believe me, you can ask my host, these folks have heard my rage, my friends have seen my cry, while they were the ones stabbing me in the back, this old girl has paid the dues, my family does not understand and does not want to hear it, but I know it is here, I can feel it as I type this page out, I can feel the power that this antique domain has in it and I am calling for true honest people who want who want to help an old girl with a dream, a California dream, and I will pour my heart into it just as I am pouring my heart out on this page, I want to learn from you and maybe you will learn something from me.



They have told me I can't do it!

 I want to prove them














I began making my glass pendants in 2012,

I began by taking local college classes 

At the lake Havasu community college.













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